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Shudu, the world’s first digital supermodel

shudu_mainFashion was shocked by a revolutionary fashion breakthrough not so long ago. The digital art was brought to life and the world’s very first digital supermodel, Shudu Gram, appeared on the fashion scene.shudu

Shudu was created by the photographer Cameron James Wilson. It is difficult to tell her apart from a real person. Cameron spent time detailing her character and used 3D modelling to create it. According to him the creation of a single post for Shudu’s instagram took three working days. This excludes a week spent planning and developing concepts.shudu

The model’s first photos on instagram have been extremely popular. Subscribers left comments on the photos, made many compliments and photographers wrote direct messages to offer a collaboration. Shudu received the most attention after Rihanna’s brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ reposted a post showing the model wearing their lipstick.shudu

Cameron James-Wilson’s project uses a model with dark skin, but not everyone likes it. Shudu, say some people, is preventing human model from earning money through modeling. Cameron himself says: “For myself, Shudu isn’t the way to earn money. I created it as a means of self-expression.” I do not work with companies who are only interested in making money.shudu

Shudu has started to expand beyond Instagram. Now, virtual models are being hired by glossy magazines for the actual modeling and featured in advertising campaigns from famous high fashion brands. Shudu, for example, appeared in the September issue of Vogue Australia. She has been chosen to be the face of the ‘Balmain’ brand’s advertising campaign along with other digital models.shudu

The modeling business will soon undergo a change. Experts predict that the majority of the girls who walk the catwalks or shoot for magazines may lose their jobs. Fashion houses are now actively collaborating with companies that offer digital modeling services. These models are not able to speak, but they have perfect bodies and shapes. Their modeling fees are also quite reasonable.shudu

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