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Zelda Sher : Butterflies fluttered in my stomach

zelda_mainIt was a great feeling to have been signed by an exclusive agency as a model while I was still underage. Now, after less than one year of modeling, I am signed with two leading agencies in New York.

I love modeling because I get to experience different characters every time I am on a new set. And then, there is the feeling of getting ready for an exciting day where I will be doing what I have always dreamed about. It’s exhilarating and indescribable!zelda sher model

I love being on set! It’s everything I love. I love the excitement of meeting new people, the newness of the brands, and the adrenaline rush. This makes me different from the Zelda you see in the street who is still attending full-time school. I am able to fulfill my dreams. It’s like being in a mini film, and creating different characters each time. The energy on set is so much more than the heat, cold, discomfort, back pain, and neck pain. I’ve only been a part of the modeling industry for a short time, but I can still reflect on countless things. I can’t believe that my life has come to a full circle within a short time span.

Today, I’ve published a print publication in a US-based magazine. Also, I’ve written an editorial for “Lemon”, a European magazine for teens, and four editorials on high fashion in Harper’s Bazaar.zelda sher model

My model career was sparked by the announcement from my favorite make-up artist Jas that I had been selected for a fragrance campaign created by award winning designer Ryan Richmond. Ryan Richmond confirmed that I had been selected for the position. I was ecstatic and honored to have been considered. Why? Ryan’s work experience includes high-end luxury brands like Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo and many others.

The butterflies in my stomach fluttered on the day of the shoot. This day was a great experience. I felt elated and pumped up on adrenaline. I met so many talented people in the industry, including the amazing hair stylist Lazarus Douvos and the beautiful makeup artist Jas. We became a little family!zelda sher model

zelda sher modelI was fortunate to get a few commercial jobs later, from clothing lines for teens to educational and optical campaigns with major retailers across the country. Thanks to my solid Instagram following, designers are asking me to model their clothes. I love it!

Since I was a child, my passion has been art, especially drawing and painting . I never had any art lessons or teachers, so I learned how to paint and draw by watching videos. This is how I express myself when I have the time. When I was young, I didn’t think of as a fashion designer because I wasn’t tall or lanky. I thought that was required to be accepted in the unique and beautiful world of fashion.zelda sher model

YouTube is my favorite place to watch videos. But not the ones that some of my friends obsess about. I love watching the vodeos by beauty experts and skin professionals. I enjoyed trying out the make-up tutorials. I was captivated by the process, and I knew that it would be worth the effort one day.

As I watched the beauty shows, something inside me changed. It was like I had an alter-ego. A different Zelda, who imagined herself walking the runways and posing in stunning editorial photoshoots. She saw herself as the face of high end luxury brands. This was something I couldn’t help but dream about. I am not shy, but I also don’t like to be the center of attention. I used to dress up, put on makeup, change my hairstyle, wear fancy clothes, and try high heels when I was alone at home. I imagined myself on the runway, so I practiced my walk, and wore my best look, as if I were there.zelda sher model

My dream took over my mind and I finally asked my mother if she could help me test out for modeling. If she would support my efforts. To show my mom that I was serious about modeling, I had her sit down and model my runway walk while wearing her high heels. I knew that she would think about it and try to help me. That’s what happened. You can run from these agencies after doing some research. They are likely fakes. It’s heartbreaking to watch how many hopeful model candidates are taken advantage of by con-artists with smooth, slick talking voices who know exactly what to say to “hook” you. It’s true that I did have a few bumps on the way to the top, but fortunately, they were short-lived.

travel was the catalyst for my love of modeling. After living in several countries, including my own, since I was born, I couldn’t imagine a different lifestyle. But having a way to see the world and everything it offers is what makes me happy. For me, traveling means learning about different cultures and languages, as well as meeting people with similar interests.zelda sher model

Although I now live in New York, I was originally born in Sandton in Johannesburg, the Republic of South Africa. My family has a diverse background, and I find that fascinating. My parents are from different cultures and languages, and I’m lucky to be able to speak both Turkish and Russian fluently.

My family and I returned to New York in 2010, where we spent five years. We then decided to move to Turkey. Bursa is one of the most beautiful and green cities in the world. My time in Turkey is one of my most treasured memories. I had the opportunity to travel to many cities by car, instead of using airplanes, including Bodrum, which was my absolute favorite. Antalya is my favorite, followed by Marmaris and Fethiye. I also visited neighboring countries like Bulgaria and Greece. It is hard to imagine how I would live without the hospitality and warmth of Turkish people. They are always friendly, hardworking, and welcoming. The food is also amazing! I love everything from the soups to the main courses to the desserts. My childhood was spent at the most beautiful places. I am forever grateful for the memories and experiences that were gained.zelda sher model

My family and I decided to return to New York City in October 2020 after Covid-19 restrictions had been lifted. After living in Turkey for six years, we felt it was time to leave. In September 2021, I’d like to believe that my modeling career began. Since that moment, my entire life has changed and I cannot express how grateful I am for what I have experienced since then.

I would love to be cast in campaigns for high-end luxury brands. I don’t have a favourite yet, but I adore them all… Chanel Prada Saint Laurent Fendi Gucci Balenciaga Balmain Dior. I dream big. I am a fashion lover and.. I love fashion! I like monochromatic outfits and classic accessories. I also love dainty shoes and jewelry. Of course, elegant and classy handbags!

I am so excited about what the future holds. Oh, I forgot to say… I just turned 14 this year. The future is bright!zelda sher model

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