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Kristina Malevich: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

vicky-cristina-barcelona_mainBefore becoming a model I didn’t pay much attention to advertisements or the girls who were involved. The first time the agency reached out to me on social media, inviting me to join as a model, it completely changed my life. Since then, I have been noticing that I am now trying to look at each commercial I see on television, paying attention to the smallest details. I stare at the models and try to remember how they act and move.

Without hesitation, I contacted one of the local Spanish agencies to find a model. I didn’t expect that it would be so easy to find the first one. I began to get invitations for castings and photoshoots. First, I was invited to free photoshoots to help me build my portfolio. Then, they started to invite to paid ones.vicky cristina barcelona

Soon I realized that modeling jobs could be more than just a hobby or fun. They can also become a job for which I can earn money. A daily chance to meet new people is also a great thing. It’s a daily adventure for me to be a Spanish model. I love variety.vicky cristina barcelona

Modeling has its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of being a model are many. Aside from the money, models often get free things like gym memberships and designer clothes. They also receive invitations to fashion events that they can attend for free.vicky cristina barcelona

You’ll also learn about the disadvantages. For example, you may have plans to spend time with your friends, or with a boyfriend, but you’re suddenly called by the agency and told to cancel them all. This could be for a casting, or for an appointment with the creative designer or brand owner. Your agency must approve any changes to your image. This includes your hairstyle or color.

If you count pros and cons, modeling jobs have more advantages than disadvantages.vicky cristina barcelona

There are many popular brands that we buy in Spain and occasionally wear: Zara. Pull & bear, Massimo Dutti. Stradivarius. Oysho. Uterque. They all need models to use in their campaigns.vicky cristina barcelona

In the rush to get cast, you should not forget to eat or have a snack between. When I was doing an ad shoot for FANTA I forgot to eat before I started the shoot. I ended up drinking almost a liter Fanta without food.

One day, my dream of working for clothing brands came true. I was asked to be a model in one of Bershka’s ad campaigns. I had to travel almost two hours to Tordera, which is an industrial area of the city where there are not many people. The agency told me to wait at the station for a car in black to come and pick me up. After waiting almost three hours, I was a bit scared. I thought about what might happen if a car of a dark color appeared and I got in it but the car wasn’t the one that the agency had sent. The car arrived and everything was fine. I felt more confident about the future, and didn’t worry about any such things.

Each day, more and more models are coming to Barcelona and other Spanish cities to be a part of the fashion world. I’d say Barcelona is a kind of fashion capital of its Spanish version.vicky cristina barcelona

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