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Perfumes with 5 key notes to have in your collection

perfumes_mainThe Fashiongton Post’s editorial team has compiled a list of the five ingredients that should be included in every fragrance collection after consulting the country’s top perfumers.


Bergamot, the only citrus fruit not used in food, is essential in perfumery. This component is the base of fragrance.bergamot


Patchouli is a key ingredient in perfumery. It’s especially important in Asia because it’s one of the most distinctive scents in Indian culture. Patchouli is not only a unique scent, it also has an emotional sensation that permeates the brain. This is why many perfumes use patchouli as a way to enhance a fragrance.Patchouli


Vanilla is a Mexican product, but it has been used for a long time and well beyond Mexico’s borders. Vanilla is present in 80% of perfumes today. Vanilla blends well with other ingredients, and it enhances the notes of other fragrances. Many perfumers choose vanilla because of its rich history and royalty in the perfumery.Vanilla

VanillaFresh herbs

The perfume is decorated with freshly cut grass, stems and leaves, closed buds of flowers, etc. Some are natural and some are synthetic. It’s a wonderful reminder of nature and new life.Fresh herbs

Fresh herbsLeather

It is difficult to recreate the smell of leather in perfumery, such as a new pair of boots or leather jacket. The best ingredients are used by perfumers to create the leather-like smell. This scent can be both elegant and sultry, as well as revealing and luxurious. Patchouli and leather are also great together, so these two scents go well together.LeatherLeather

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