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Mariya Kramarenko – Berlin is calling

mariyakramarenko_mainBerlin is not the first city that comes to mind when people think about and. They may think of Paris, Milan or New York. When I was 14, I thought the same thing. But today, I can say with certainty that I am happy and grateful to be in Berlin, a city

One by one. Kharkiv is the largest city of eastern Ukraine. I was the youngest child in my family, and had only one brother. My parents created an environment where I could grow freely, despite the soviet-era buildings and political conflict. After spending my childhood reading and mainly focusing on books, I became interested in modeling as a teenager. I immediately started applying for photoshoots in Kharkiv and was hired over the years. At the time, I had no idea where my journey would lead me.models diary

After I finished high school, and began studying in Warsaw I visited my family in Germany. When I was in Germany, I saw an advertisement for an open casting at a modeling agency. I thought to myself, “What have I got to lose?” The next day I headed to Hamburg, Germany’s city with the most model agencies. I took the opportunity to not only introduce myself to one agency, but to several other agencies. Modelwerk was the agency I chose. I didn’t expect this.models diary

As soon as I signed the Modelwerk contract, one thing became clear: It would be a balance act between finishing my Warsaw studies and pursuing a professional modelling career. The next time, I was in for a lot of travel. In addition to all the shootings I did in Germany, I also shot in other European countries and Asia. I traveled on a regular basis, while successfully finishing my studies in Warsaw. It was a great feeling when I finally moved to Berlin, and I have been able to work on the German market full-time since. The German model market is very interesting and I have some things to say about it.models diary

There are very few castings in Germany. Direct booking is used for almost everything, saving time and money. Jobs are booked quickly and confirmed quickly. A second point is to confirm that Germans can be very punctual and time-sensitive. Everything has its own time. If there is a call time of 8am, then everyone will be there by 7.50am.models diary

It is also important not to forget the fact that there are nearly 80,000,000 people in Germany and many large cities. There are jobs all over Germany. Berlin, Hamburg or Dusseldorf can be the location. It’s not uncommon to find work at the opposite end of the country. It is usually not a big deal, as most clients will take care of you, and even provide a hotel if needed.models diary

Berlin is a wonderful place to live, regardless of the many reasons that make it attractive for to work here as a model. Berlin is an open, liberal and global city. The majority of the time, I hear fewer people speak German than other languages. It was easy to integrate because everyone spoke perfect English. The combination of historical and modern buildings is also very appealing to me. I love the variety of cultural offerings. Although I must admit that the city’s cultural offerings are also very diverse. On Berlin shootings, you get to meet the most hilarious people. Today, I find it perfectly normal that the make-up artist for your upcoming shoot is a man in a full beard with green hair wearing slacks and a belly-free outfit. He sings Miley-Cyrus loudly and shares his experience from the previous night. These jobs can also be hilarious. Once, I did a photoshoot with a wedding designer. We had to shoot in the street with a male model, and everyone thought we were newlyweds. People gathered around us to applaud.models diary

These jobs are not only fun but also stressful. It is important to me that I find a balance. I’m an introvert who enjoys being in a peaceful and quiet environment. I’d always prefer a cup of tea at one of Berlin’s many cafes to a cocktail at a night club or bar.

It is important to know which district of Berlin is best for you, as all of them are different. If I wanted to drink a cocktail at a loud bar, then I would choose “Kreuzberg”. However, if I preferred a cup of tea in my cozy backyard, then I would choose “Mitte”. There are also many salad bars and shops in this area where I can enjoy healthy food. In spite of the fact that I am a model and have to be careful about my diet, I still love smoothies, fruits, and salads. Many Fashion Events take place in Berlin. You can therefore always chat with models, designers, and bookers.

I’m happy that I have been able to join the Berlin modeling scene and am excited about what is ahead!models diary

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