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Perfumes’ concentration and difference in saturation

fragrances_mainperfume is made up of an alcohol or oil base, along with aromatic oils and water. The ratio of aromatic substances within the perfume composition directly affects the saturation. The more concentrated the fragrance, the stronger it will be.

Parfum / Extrait (fr.)

Perfumes are rightfully in the first position. They contain between 20-30% perfume oils. It is expensive and difficult to produce “pure” fragrances, so they are produced in limited quantities and only by a few manufacturers. perfume can be hard to find in stores and is expensive.parfum

Eau de Parfum / EdP (fr.)

Perfumed water is the most popular form of perfumery. It’s a product that is available in a variety of brands and has varying amounts of aromatic substances. This particular fragrance is popular because its scent can last up to 3-5 hours.Eau de Parfum EdP

Eau de Toilette / EdT (fr.)

Eau de toilette is a light perfumery product. The aromatic oil content in it ranges from 5-10%. Eau de toilette has a more volatile and lighter aroma, with top notes.Eau de Toilette EdT

Eau de Cologne / EdC (fr.)

It is true that the cologne contains only 2-4% aromatic substances, but because it also contains tannins it can compete in saturation with eau-de- toilette.Eau de Cologne EdC

It is also important to note that the fragrance opens and evaporates faster during summer heat. In winter, the opposite happens. Fashiongton Post recommends that you experiment with your favorite fragrance at different times of the year to see the differences.

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