What Earrings Are Best for Your Face Shape?

Each person has a unique personality, sense and style of dressing. It is a reflection of their inner personality and fashion preferences. The main agenda is to choose the right accessories that will make you stand out.

It’s perfectly fine to change your look every now and again. You should choose an accessory that enhances your personality.

Geometry is a key element in fashion. Most people don’t know this. Dresses, accessories such as engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. Everything depends on the face shape, body type and length of your hair.

We have put together some suggestions for choosing jewellery based on the face shape of your loved ones. Your knowledge of facial geometry can help you select the perfect gift for an anniversary or engagement.

1. Oval earrings, pearls, teardrops and ovals:

A face with an oval shape is the easiest to style and can be paired with almost any type of jewelry. Avoid long dangles and other items with excessive length. Round rings will give your face the perfect proportion. This will make your face appear longer.

With hoops, studs and triangle-shaped rings, oval-shaped faces will look better.

Choose from pearl studs or diamond teardrops.

2. Round Faced Drop and Long Dangle Earrings:

This cute round face only needs an elongated shape to attract attention. People with round faces have ears close to their face. You will appear round-faced if your chin, forehead and cheeks are in proportion. These faces are hardly sharp. Add angles to your facial features.

Wearing round items will make your face appear wider. Choose dangles or drops to add length to your face. Tassels and chains are quirky ideas for jewellery.

3. Teardrop earrings with a heart-shaped face:

When talking about facial geometry, heart shaped faces have a narrower chin area and a wider forehead. These face shapes have more sharp features than others. To keep your face softer, avoid angular jewelry. You should choose earrings that have a wider bottom to balance your facial proportion. Avoid heavy and large dangles. Your facial geometry needs to be sharpened.

Choose flat teardrops or triangle earrings with rounded edges. Also, choose leaf rings.

4. Square Face: Long Hoop and Studs

Square-shaped people have a very attractive jawline. This is the focal point of their face. Add some accessories to the chiseled face style. Faces that are square-shaped have wide foreheads, with similar widths at the cheeks and jawline area. Choose round jewelry to add some circular structure to your facial features.

Choose earrings with long hoops or studs to draw attention to the ear area. This will help to draw attention away from your angular facial structure.

This face type is best suited to gold rings, diamond studs and hoops with multiple figures.

5. Inverted Triangles Face – dangling earrings

Inverted triangle faces are similar to heart-shaped faces. Inverted triangle faces tend to have a sharper face cut and a stronger jaw line, whereas heart-shaped features are more elongated and have softer features.

Inverted triangle faces have a lot of blank areas, besides the cheeks. Wear earpieces that have a wider bottom and are longer to complement your face. The bottom of your head will be in proportion to your forehead.

Choose long dangles that have triangles or leaves at the bottom. The earrings will draw all attention away from your chin.

6. Diamond Faced Earrings: Teardrop earrings, stud earrings.

The oval-shaped face is similar to the diamond-shaped cut. The main difference is the angular shape and stronger features. As the largest part of the face, the eyes are the ones that draw the most attention. The proportions of the chin and forehead are equal. Diamond-shaped faces need to balance their lower face section with the wider part. Attention should be drawn away from the strong cheekbones.

Avoid anything that is too long or short.

Jewellery with a wider bottom in a round or oval shape, earrings with no sharp angles or leaves, diamond or pearl studs and flat jewellery will do justice.

7. Short dangle earrings, pearls, and flattering earrings for Narrow Faced:

The elongated structure of the face is more prominent than sharp features on narrow faces. It does not have a wide forehead, strong chin, or a strong jawline to make it recognizable as defining. Faces with this type of facial structure need to be given volume. These face types should wear earrings with short dangles or pearls to create the illusion of a round shape.

Jewellery can be a lifelong investment. So, get the best you can afford to keep it for a lifetime.

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