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How to Button a Jacket

buttonedjacket_mThe seemingly simple question about how to button a jacket is often confusing. Fashiongton Post will today dispel any doubts by telling you how to button up your jacket and blazer.

We’ll begin with the most common jacket, a single-breasted jacket. It has one row of vertical buttons.

button jacketHow do you button a jacket that has two buttons

The jackets with two buttons are the most common today. You only need to follow one simple rule: Do not fasten the bottom buttons. Edward VII, an English king of the 19th century is said to have originated this fascinating rule. After a heavy meal, he left the bottom button unbuttoned on his jacket. Out of tactfulness, people in his inner circle repeated the careless act of the monarch. The elegant tradition became a universal rule in men’s etiquette.

button jacketHow do you button a jacket using only one button

This jacket type is less common than the two-button version. This type of jacket is often part of a formal suit, but you can also find casual ones. It’s easy to remember that you should only fasten one button.

How do you button a jacket with three buttons

There are two different types of jackets with three buttons: the three-button traditional jacket and the three-roll-two. How can you tell them apart?

three button jacketTraditional Three-Button Jacket

The lapels of a three-button traditional jacket begin right after the top button. The bottom button is never fastened. The middle button is always fastened. And the top button, depending on the occasion, can be unbuttoned or buttoned.

three roll two jacketThree-roll two jacket

The top button should be sewn where the lapels begin. Lapels are not pressed, but rounded. In this jacket, only the middle button is fastened. You will have noticed that in all of the single-breasted jackets listed, the waist button is always fastened.

buttoned vestHow do you fasten a vest

If the style is casual, it’s best to leave out the bottom button. It is best to close the vest using all buttons if the suit is very strict.

Double-breasted jackets

Two or three buttons are on each vertical row of buttons. Even more buttons are possible, but this is rare. All double-breasted coats have been fastened traditionally with all buttons.

double breasted jacketThere are times when you may wonder if it is appropriate to unbutton your jacket completely, and other situations where you should not. It is not necessary to adhere to any strict rules, though you should follow one rule: A single-breasted coat can be unbuttoned while sitting. However, if you’re standing up or walking, it is best to keep the jacket buttoned.

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