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Candles with cheeseburger ingredients

mcdonalds_mRecently, many well-known food brands and drinks have been trying to keep in touch with the fashion industry. We are seeing more and more exciting collaborations and fashion events.

Few people are aware that a few years ago the fast food chain McDonald’s released an unusual product. It was a collection scent candle which smelled like ingredients in a royal cheeseburger.

The Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Royal Cheeseburger. The set of limited edition perfume candles contains the scents for the main ingredients of the Quarter Pounder: Bun, Ketchup Pickle, Cheese Onion Fresh Beef.

McDonald's candlesMcDonald’s scented candle packs are made of soy wax with cotton wicks that have been infused essential oils. Each 64-gram candle in the Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack has a concentrated composition. You will need to light the candles all at once to create the royal cheeseburger aroma.McDonald's candles

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