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Reed Diffusers

reeddiffusers_mainWhat is the smell of your house? What do you smell? A reed humidifier is essential for any aroma. Most people have a set of wooden sticks, a stylish glass container with oil and a reed diffuser at home. Here’s how reed diffusors look. These diffusers are made to fill your home with your favorite scent.

What does a diffuser reed mean?

Reed diffusers are not powered by batteries or flames like electric diffusers. They use reeds (wooden sticks) to draw the fragrance oil from the bottom to the top, where it then evaporates.

How is a reed difference made? Bedfordby Ralph Laurenuser

Choose the fragrance you want, open the packaging and pour the correct amount of oil in a glass container. It is best to use only 2-3 sticks in the bottle the first time. Find a suitable place within your home. You will only be able to fully appreciate the scent after a couple of hours. You can muffle an aroma by removing a few sticks. If you prefer a stronger scent, you can add some reeds.reed diffusers

Research shows that scents can affect our mood and stress level. This is because they can affect the receptors within our central nervous systems. Reed diffusers can be used to create a comfortable environment, whether you are trying to impress your guests or simply want to relax yourself.

Here are some of The Fashiongton Post’s favorite diffusers:

Cocon de Serenite by L’OccitaneCocon de Sérénité by L’Occitane

Bedfordby Ralph LaurenBedford by Ralph Lauren

Moroccan Amberby nest FragrancesMoroccan Amber by Nest Fragrances

Molton brown GingerlilyGingerlily by Molton Brown

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