Why the Pixie Cut is a hairstyle that everyone loves

pixiecut_mbleached blond hair, while a signature style of hair, is not the most popular trend this year. It’s the Pixie Cut. The Pixie Cut is edgy and forward-looking. It’s huge in Australia right now.

Detailing short crops can enhance so many face shapes. Pixie Cuts are not new. They have shaped many fashion moments throughout history.pixie cut hairstyle

Pixie cuts have made a huge statement in history and continue to inspire fashion stylists all over the world. Glamour London girls shaved their blond hair and adopted pixie haircuts, paving the way for tomboys who wanted to be fashion-forward.

The pixie haircut dates back to the early twentieth century, when daring women slashed their hair and shaved it short.

After the end of World War II, the Roaring Twenties brought women a sense of freedom. Ladies experimented with shorter hair and dresses.

pixie cut style

What are the signs that a pixie is right for you?

The pixie style is a great way to accentuate the cheekbones, and create symmetry. It’s perfect for round and heart-shaped faces, but anyone can wear it. Pixie cuts can highlight the neck and decolletage. The space between the hairline, and the shoulder can look both sexy as well as edgy.

The style of this cut is what makes it appealing to both men and women. It can be cool and edgy or chic and classic, depending on how it’s done. Reduce your styling time. These cuts look great when you let the hair do its own thing.

The PIXIE that is right for you will depend on the images and references you enjoy. You can choose between soft feathered lines OR bold, strong lines. You can also choose from heavy fringes or micro-fringes.

pixie cut

Follow these simple steps to create natural textures:

  1. Shampoo to condition hair
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner or primer on your hair
  3. Apply a styling mousse on wet hair. Scrunch it in to emphasize texture or waves. Let the hair dry naturally.

Secret tip Pair this hair with Double J La Scala Feather Trim top and matching pants Valentino Roman Stud Slides and “no makeup makeup”

pixie cut trend

Follow these steps to give your pixie a shiny, polished appearance:

  1. Shampooing and conditioning your hair
  2. Prepare hair by applying a moisturizing lotion. Apply creme to the entire hair.
  3. Blow Dry Forward nice and smooth with round Brush
  4. Use a lightweight shine spray to add a dry oil and achieve a sheen finish.
  5. Hairspray will hold the hair in place.

Secret tip : Give that chic feel by pairing your look with the Saloni Tyra Dress paired with a Jimmy Choo wedge. MAC matte Russian Red Lipstick and fresh natural skin.

pixie cut hair trend

To achieve a “rock-n’-roll” or “lived-in” look, use

  1. Cleanse and dry your hair
  2. Use your hands to apply sea salt and then dry it into hair
  3. To separate hair and add texture, spray a texturizing dry spray using your fingers.
  4. Use dry shampoo paste for a more pronounced texture.

Secret tip – looks best with Isabel Marant Apollina Leather Jumpsuit, Prada brushed leather loafers and a liquid eyeliner on the brows.

pixiecut hairstyle

You can wear your clothes straight from the shower or ocean.

Who wouldn’t want this incredible hairstyle? You can also spice up your wardrobe with your newfound freedom and liberation.

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