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How Perfume can affect your mood

olfactory_mainYou can influence a person’s behavior by selecting certain combinations. This will also affect their feelings and may even cause them to perform specific actions. A set of combinations like this is known as a perfume wardrobe in professional perfumery. Different fragrances can be used for different occasions, just as you would choose clothes or accessories for an event. The simplest way to change yourself is through smell. The mood of the individual is what determines our reactions, but certain scents can change the mood. When you are on a first date, you may not want to use vetiver fragrances because it is better suited for situations when you need to make tough decisions or solve problems. You will probably agree that this state is not ideal for a romantic night. Since ancient times, fragrances have held many secrets.

olfactorySmells can create olfactory anchored, or in other words a combination of memory + aroma that only exists together. Our brain creates a map where anchors of scents are stored over the course of our lives. Our brain records every scent that we come across. The average adult holds about 10,000 records. These records are actively used by our subconscious: when we smell familiar scents, they trigger not only a recollection but also an emotional state that corresponds to the memory. The aroma of mandarins, for example, is linked to the arrival of the holidays. What perfumes do you have in your wardrobe?olfactory

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