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What is Your Style?

clothesstyle_mStep 1: Understanding your body shapes

This will allow you to work with proportions, find your styles without trying them on, correctly place accents in the look and emphasize your advantages and hide your flaws. You can then work with proportions and discover your styles, without having to try them on. This will help you place accents correctly, highlight your advantages, and hide your flaws.

clothes styleStep 2: Working with Color

Learn how to combine your favorite colors. Create your own formula for color combinations and then use them to enhance the look. Try to create your wardrobe using Uniform Wearing.

clothes styleStep 3: Create a moodboard

Create a moodboard of the looks that inspires you. What do you love about the looks? Is it a particular detail, style, repeated print, accessory, stylistic direction or perhaps a color combination that inspires you?

clothes styleStep 4: Find out your distinctive feature

The element that will define your future style can be anything you want: accessories or color combinations characteristic to your look, for example. This element should be repeated in each look.

clothes styleStep 5: Create your blacklist

Include in your blacklist any clothing item that you find unacceptable. Add this clothing item or trend immediately to your blacklist, even if it is praised by all stylists or trends, and you do not like it.

clothes styleStep 6 – Who is your style icon

Make a list of the women and men that you consider your personal fashion icons. We are not referring to celebrities at the height of their popularity but rather those whose clothing style you admire.

clothes styleStep 7: Analyze your lifestyle

You will be able to determine what you need clothes for based on your activities: dates, business meetings, parties with bohemian artists or informal gatherings. You will be able to clearly define the goals and objectives your wardrobe should achieve. Your personal style should be a natural part of your daily life.

clothes styleStep 8: Check Your Wardrobe

Make a shopping list for future essentials of your new a href=” yourself/”>meaningful wardrobe/a>. Make a list of future essentials for your new meaningful closet.

clothes styleStep 9: Find your Brands

List the brands of clothing, accessories, and shoes that you like for their style, cut, and fit. If you know the range of sizes, the chances of making a mistake are greatly reduced. It is not only true for clothes but also for shoes.

clothes styleStep 10: Experiment

Do not be afraid to experiment with your style.

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