Fashion Talks


uniformdressing_mainIn the last decade, fashion and clothing have changed in many ways. The 2008 economic crisis buried the consumer hysteria and brand mania of the early 2000s, along with their inherent excess. The main outfits for the season no longer excite buyers. This abundance of choices had the opposite impact: many people began to become fashion-ascetical.Uniform Dressing

The term “uniform dress” has been used to describe this phenomenon. This style is characterized by the fact that it does not change with time. The wear the same set of jeans, turtleneck and T-shirt for their entire lives, just like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Karl Lagerfeld, for instance, chooses more complex combinations but does not change them over time. It is important to not waste time and resources on clothes. I only wear gray or blue pantsuits, because I don’t have time to make decisions about what to wear. There are too many important decisions to be made.

These outfits are not influenced by the latest trends, and they don’t reveal anything about their wearer except for good taste. This era’s trend was to be both stylish and neutral.Uniform Dressing

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