How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Do you struggle to maintain your wardrobe on the weekends? Most of us are in the same boat. Although we all have a closet full of clothes, it can feel like there is nothing to wear.

We have the solution to this problem. It is the most practical, sustainable and cost-effective concept we’ve ever come up with: The capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe concept that dates back to the 1970s is sure to surprise you. This concept’s innovation was to create a sustainable, reusable wardrobe. This capsule was created by a designer in London. It contained a collection of clothing that could be mixed and matched to create countless outfits.

Fast fashion may be alluring, but it is not sustainable. These outfits are no longer in style after a few short months. To maintain your wardrobe, it is best to invest in timeless clothes that are versatile.

A capsule wardrobe is made up of clothes that are versatile and can be worn with different types of clothing. It helps you keep your clothing organized and limit the number of outfits. It’s not hard to figure out what you should keep and what you should throw away.

Scroll down to discover how to create a capsule wardrobe using this technique.

1. Assess Your Wardrobe:

You should first take a look at your existing wardrobe. Remove all the clothes in your closet. Sort them into categories and toss out the clothes you haven’t worn in the past six months. You will be able to get rid of all the clutter in your closet. The problem is not unique to you. The majority of people save these clothes, hoping to wear them one day. You will not be able to create a capsule wardrobe with this attitude. Let them go.

2. Plan Your Capsule Wardrobe:

Next, and most importantly, you should decide on the type of wardrobe that suits your needs. In your mind, you need to create a wardrobe blueprint. You can base it on your personal style, work preferences, or brand preference. Plan it out so you can move on to the next stage.

3. Choose Your Base Colour:

Each person has an inclination to certain colours. When creating a capsule closet, you must choose the base colour. This colour will be the basis of your entire wardrobe. This will make it easier for you to mix and match your clothes and choose the right colours. Understand the different colour shades, tints and tones in order to determine your base color.

4. Decide on Your Signature Style

You must already have decided on the base color before you move to the next stage. The next step is creating your signature style. To better understand, signature style is a way of dressing which helps you to stand out from the crowd. It is this particular style of dressing that makes you stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to follow any rules in order to develop your own style. It’s a matter of comfort. It is a matter of personal taste. No one has the right to judge your style of dressing. Fashion is also all about experimentation.

5. Neutral Basics:

If you love pop colours, adding neutrals to your wardrobe can help create contrast in your clothing. It creates a balance in your wardrobe. Neutral essentials, for example, are clothing items that will never go out of style. They are essentials like grey shorts, black pants, white button-up shirts or blank T-shirts. You can pair these clothes with anything in your wardrobe.

6. Take Your Seasonal Change Now:

You need to buy clothes that reflect the season’s theme in order to keep your fashion and style alive. It is important to know the colors that go with the climate and weather. You can think of summers as being filled with vibrant and airy colours. Winters and autumn require you to keep pastels in your wardrobe. Try to include clothes you can wear in every season.

7. Mix and Match Items in Your Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is limited in its clothing. You can create a capsule wardrobe with up to 20 items of clothing. The clothes that you can use are jackets, pants, tops and shirts. You can also add shoes, accessories, and pullovers. You must be able to remix your clothes and have fun with this art. Once you master this technique, you won’t need to have too many clothes for every occasion.

8. Keep Your capsule wardrobe in good condition:

It is not enough to create a capsule wardrobe. You must stick to your plan after completing this arduous task. The most important and last step is to maintain your capsule wardrobe. It may be necessary to alter your capsule wardrobe from time to time, depending on personal, professional and seasonal changes. However, the idea of more style with less clothing should remain. Every month, you must declutter your wardrobe and assess your style. Maintaining your wardrobe is a never-ending process. If you follow the steps, you will progress every month.

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