How to Use Thermal water

thermalwater_mainThe thermal water for your face is the perfect companion for any lady. Thermal water is generally safe and suitable for all skin types. Fashiongton Post explains why you should include this product in your Skin Care Kit and how to properly use it to get the best results.

Thermal WaterWhat is thermal Water?

Thermal springs produce thermal water. Thermal waters are richer in trace elements and minerals than mineral waters. Thermal water is richer in salts than mineral water. A bottle of mineral contains only 6-7 different types, whereas a thermal water bottle has 15. Thermal water has a rich composition, so it’s not advised to drink in order to prevent an excessive mineral content in the body. It is best used as a facial skin treatment.

The thermal water is the condensate from steam that has been released by magma. Steam rises to the top of the earth, cools, and passes through many rocks. It dissolves minerals, and is purified. Thermal water is richer in useful substances and purer than mineral water.

Thermal WaterThermal water is a great way to refresh and soften the skin. It also fights inflammation and itching, reduces redness caused by excessive sun exposure and protects from free radicals.

Thermal water has the ability to relieve and soothe skin irritation. The stronger the soothing effect, the more calcium in the water. Minerals, on the other hand, provide oxygen to the skin and boost its metabolism, which improves the natural radiance.

Thermal WaterTypes thermal water

Thermal waters can be classified according to their mineralization and the proportion of magnesium and potassium salts. They are also divided by the composition of oligoelements. These are substances that are present in other products in small amounts but are vital. Thermal waters are used for a variety of purposes in cosmetology. They can be used to treat acne, dermatitis and burns as well as oily or dry skin. Thermal water can be useful in winter when normal skin is prone to peeling, and even allergies from cold.

Thermal WaterHow do you properly use thermal waters?

Use thermal water after cleansing the skin and before applying serum or cream. The trace elements will penetrate as deep as possible.

Spray the product 20-25 centimeters away from your face. After applying the product, gently massage the skin by rubbing the drops between your fingers. After a few minutes, excess water can be blotted using a tissue.

Thermal WaterWhen should you use thermal water?

In the summer months, the skin tends to dry out more. In practice, however, a bottle thermal water is recommended regardless of season, particularly in areas where skin is susceptible to irritation or negative environmental influences.

Low mineralization suits dry skin better, while high mineralization, which contains oligoelements like zinc and manganese, is best for oily, problematic skin. Isotonic water is good for hypersensitive skin and those with allergies. This type of thermal water has the advantage that it doesn’t require you to blot with a towel.

Water with a low or medium mineralization, preferably zinc and silicon, is best for mixed skin types. First, it is responsible for healing and secondly, for restoring the skin’s immunity. The best way to care for mature skin is with thermal water containing selenium. This component neutralizes free radicals and protects skin cells.Thermal Water

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