Asian Girls Makeup

asianmakeup_mEye shadows

Asian eyes do not need to be dimensional, but rather have a uniform effect from the lash line to your browbone. Because of the shape and size of the Asian eye, liners or mascaras can smudge, transfer, or smear below the eye or onto the lid. Applying a thin layer of eyeshadow primer underneath the eye is one way to prevent smears.

You can also use this technique on your lids if you prefer the sharp contrast of a crease. Keep the most definition around the outer part of the eye, and then add the product little by little. When applying the product, it is best to start at the lashline and work up. is another trick. Use cream first, and then powder. This duo combination works well. The cream shadows can be applied first and then the powders to keep color. When the light hits shimmer shadow, it adds a new dimension. You should follow your eye shape and enhance it according to the individual eye shape. Tip cream shades have primers already in the formula.

Asian Girls MakeupLashes

A good eyelash curler will be necessary because Asian eyelashes tend to be straight and pointing downwards. This is an investment that will pay off. You can try Eyelash Curler from Surratt Beauty. It’s flatter, and it really hugs the lashes of a monolid. This eye lash curler is the best way to enhance your eyes. Curl your lashes properly to begin. Curl your eyelashes using a lash curler at the root. Root, root, and root. Hold upward. This technique creates a perfect curl, instead of a bent “L”. A bent ‘L” is not liked by anyone.

False eyelashes can be the secret weapon to open up your eyes. We recommend Fake Lashes from LoveSeen for a natural look that is suitable for all types. They specialize in Asian lashes.

Asian Girls Makeup

It’s important to choose a mascara for Asian eyelashes that’s lightweight, but defines the lashes well enough to keep their curl. You can use a mascara primer after curling your lashes to make the mascara last longer.

This eye shape is perfect for a cat-eye. Place the eyeliner at the outer corner and work your way inwards. Kat Von D’s liquid eyeliner gives you instant definition to your eyes, whether or not you are creating a wing. This is a true-black liner, and everyone loves a black that’s true. Tip To intensify the definition, line the eyelid with a black or brown pencil at the base of the lashline. Once mascara is applied, this will create the illusion of a thicker lashline.

Asian Girls Makeup


The shape of your brows can enhance your face. South Korean makeup is a major influence on the Asian brow look. South Koreans place a high value on natural beauty. According to this trend, your eyebrows should be filled with a shade that is similar to your hair. Straight shapes are the most popular because they give off a beautiful natural appearance. The lighter colors are applied evenly to give a natural look with softer lines. Tip : Using a hairspray can improve your eyebrow game!

Asian Girls Makeup


The dewy, natural look is one we all love. The use of highlighters is an excellent way to guide definition. It’s better to highlight the face first to see where the bone structure is. Then, you can apply the highlighter. Remember the high points that stand out, such as the top of the nose, the top cheeks and the inner eye. This will help you to understand the dimensions needed to achieve the desired definition.

Asian Girls Makeup


Use a primer with a water-based base to give your skin an iridescent look. Select a product that is lightweight and will add a glow to your skin. You can try the RCMA Makeup foundation, which is perfect for Asian skin.

Asian Girls Makeup

Lip stain & lip tint

Asian girls love to show off their lip pouts. They are masters at “kawaii”, or cuteness. Both a full, bold lip in color and a pigmented one can look great. Lip stains are absorbed into the outer layer of your lips, giving them a natural appearance. Dior Addict Lip Tint is a great option if you want something that’s lightweight, long lasting and nourishing.

Tip Start with your finger at the center of the lips, and then work outwards towards the outer portions of the lips. Apply on clean lips after applying a lip mask or lip balm. This will give you the no makeup look with a hydrated lips.

Here are some more secrets at the end.

  • Use a cream or foam cleanser to deep clean your skin once a week.
  • Exfoliate your skin before applying makeup.
  • Always use a hydrating spray before applying makeup.
  • Never rub your skin downwards. Always tap the skin up and with gravity.

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