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Five Books about Fashion to Read this Winter

fashionbooks_mainIt’s the time of year where you can be sitting by a warm fireplace in your country home on the outskirts Paris or a Manhattan apartment on the 110th floor or any other place around the globe. Sometimes, when the weather is so cold outside, you want to curl up with a good book and a glass or two of wine. The Fashiongton Post has decided to share a list of five fashion books that we enjoy.

The House of Gucci – A sensational story of murder, madness, glamour, and greed by Sara Gay forden

fashion booksThis book provides an interesting perspective on one of the best known Italian families who shaped the fashion industry during the 20th century. The book covers the history of the fashion label and style techniques, as well as the murder of Maurizio.

2) On The Street: Five Decades of Iconic Photographs by Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham bookBill Cunningham captured in his street photography the changing styles, trends and everyday life in New York City as well as Paris. His work shows that street fashion isn’t just about fashion, but also about people and changing cultures. This book contains some rare photos that have never been published before.

Chanel Collections and Creationsby Daniele Bott

Chanel bookThe book, inspired by Chanel No 5, explores threads of history to reveal how Chanel reinvented and rediscovered the fashion world. This visual journey includes original illustrations and previously unpublished archives photographs.

4) Tokyo Diaries By Andre Principe and Marco Martins

daido moriyama bookTwo Portuguese filmmakers shot thousands of Tokyo street photos and hours of 16mm footage in just a month, capturing their everyday life, their interactions with other photographers, such as Nobuyoshi, Araki, Daido, Takuma, Nakahira and Hiromix as well as encounters with Kohei, Yoshiyuki, and Kajii.

The Rolex Storyby Franz Christoph Heel

Rolex Story bookBrand with the Crown is known for its quality and luxury watches. In less than 100 years, the brand has grown to be one of the world’s most innovative and successful watch brands. You will be shocked and surprised by the story of the brand from the very first pages.

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