How to Stack Earrings Stylishly

The latest accessory and fashion trend is ear stacking, and it is set to grow even more. Ear stacking involves creating your own style by mixing different earrings such as hoops and huggies with studs, clickers, and studs.

There are so many options when it comes earrings. You can pick from a wide range of styles and designs. With earring cuffs you don’t need to have piercings in order to take advantage of the latest style trend.

Take a look at this guide on how to create an ear stack that is stylish and how to style it from day to night.

Understanding Different Piercings

If you want to build your own ear stack, you will need to get a few new piercings. But where do you start? We’ll look at the different types of piercings that you can use to create your own ear sack.


The lobe is the most common piercing. As the name implies, it will either be on the lobe, or higher up the lobe, (for a 2nd or 3rd piercing). The lobe piercing is one of the easiest to do, and that’s why many people begin with it! The healing time for lobes piercings ranges from 4-8 weeks.

Upper Lobe

You also have an upper lobe. This is where your earlobe becomes thinner and cartilage is present. Upper lobes are often close to the edges and not a very common piercing. This is because the earring options are limited.


The helix is located in the upper quadrant, near the lip of the ear. This area has thin cartilage, which makes the piercing relatively painless. The healing process takes 8-18 weeks.


The conch piercings in your ears are on the dome. Conch piercings can be painful, but because the area is so large, they look great with conch jewellery. This piercing can heal in 3-8 months.


The rook is pierced parallel to the outer rim of the ear, near the inner cartilage ridge. The rook requires thick cartilage, which can be painful. However, it offers a wide range of styling options. Healing takes between 4-10 months.


The daith piercing is located on the inner ear cartilage and can be a difficult piercing because of its location. Daith cartilage thickness varies from person to person. Some people may not be suitable for a daith.

Mixing Two Metals

It was traditionally a no-no to combine two metals in your jewellery collection. But with ear stacks you don’t need to limit yourself to one metal. Mixing gold and silver can give your ear stacks a dazzling glow. Why not stack some cute silver studs at the top of your ears if you are wearing gold huggies on your lobes? If you love silver statement pieces, then a pair of gold earring chain can elevate your look!

Earring Chains

These statement pieces, which are also known as earring chains or earring stacks, will help you create your own style. These are essential pieces for any jewellery collection. They’re especially useful if you want to create a stunning stack. Mix and match earring chain with hoops or studs. You can also add another chain to create a unique look. Wear dangling from one piercing or snake through several piercings for an extra edgy look.

The Everyday Stack

You can choose simple and dainty pieces to create an everyday stack. They will match any outfit, whether you’re at work, home, or just out running errands. You can choose plain metal jewelry with one or two pieces of colour or sparkle to add a touch of style. Huggie hoops, studs, and flatbacks make great everyday stacking earring. Keep it to 3-4 pieces for the perfect stack.

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