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Mexico: Fashion with a Temperament

mexico_mainMexico, located between the United States of America and Central America is known for its beaches along the Pacific Ocean coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and has many prestigious shops, restaurants, and brands. Mexico’s resorts, Cancun and Tulum are also popular with tourists. Tulum is divided between a beach area and the actual city. In the beach area, all the restaurants, hotels and shops are hidden in the jungle. Tulum’s stunning and fashionable scenery will leave you breathless. Tulum’s reputation as a fashionable world gathering is not a mere coincidence.

mexico travelMexicans are benevolent, superstitious, and a positive people. Mexico’s inhabitants are mostly short, dark-skinned and have Mongoloid characteristics.

All ancient Mexican recipes are protected and included on the UNESCO list of heritage. Mexican cuisine is a mix of Aztec, Indian, and Spanish food. Most Mexican dishes are made with cornmeal. Included are tacos and tortillas. Pozole, nachos, tamales, and nachos. Mexican food is known for its spicy taste and use of many spices and seasonings.tacospozole foodnachos

Mexican fashion reflects the energy and optimism of Mexicans, despite its long history. The territory of Mexico was inhabited in pre-Columbian time by different tribes of Indians. These included the Aztecs, Mayas, and others. In the early 1500s they were conquered and assimilated by Spaniards. In the following centuries, these cultures were intertwined and the Mexican clothing style today combines Indian and Spanish dress features, is rich in color and has exotic designs. The clothes worn by modern Mexicans are different from the traditional Mexican clothing, but they still have a strong influence of Folklore Motives. Designers find it difficult to give up the vibrant, highly decorated traditional fashionmoda de mexico

mexico fashionwomen’s traditional clothing includes long dresses with floral embellishments. The embroidery pattern was given great importance, as it was thought to be able to shield the wearer against dark forces. Charro is the name of the national costume for men. It consists primarily of a short jacket, tight-fitting pants and a white shirt. The poncho cape, which is both practical and warm, is considered to be a unique symbol of Mexican fashion. The poncho can be made of knitted fabric or leather, or even knitted by hand. The bottom is often decorated with fringes, fur trim, or braids. The cape is a great way to keep warm in cold weather, and it can also be used to hide imperfections on the body.mexico men's fashionmexico viaje

Like the rest of humanity, most Mexicans dress in fast-fashion Spanish brands such as Zara, Bershka and Pull and Bear. There are Mexicans that prefer to wear more expensive brands like Louis Vuitton Ferragamo Gucci etc. Most of the time, well-dressed people avoid walking down the street for fear of being robbed. Mexico City’s fashion can vary depending on which district you are in. Each district has its own unique style. Today, many Mexican clothing brands try to combine the traditional national style of clothing with a modern twist.tulum street fashion

tulum travelTulum’s style of dressing is different from other resort cities. Locals prefer light, transparent, openworked textiles, bright and light colors, and ethnic style.

Mexico has many faces in terms of culture, fashion, food, architecture, and people. Once you’ve been to Mexico, you’ll want to return again and again.mexico streetstyle

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