What to wear for an Interview

What will you wear through that door? What will you wear to that door? There are no second chances when it’s time to make a good first impression. The first impression you give at a job application is what determines whether you get the position or not.

What you wear is the next thing to consider. The interviewer already has an idea about your skills and experience.
You have to control every aspect of the job application or promotion process if you want to win. You don’t just want to make a good first impression. You need to make an AMAZING one to get to the top.

Certain jobs allow you to wear whatever you want – for instance, if you are an artist, musician, or hair stylist. Most employers are looking for someone who they can be proud of representing their business. If your interviewer tells you to pull up your pants or skirt, you’re probably not going to get the job.
Even though not all offices are conservative, it’s still a good idea to dress your best when attending an interview. When choosing an outfit, here are some tips.

For Women

Always choose a pant suit or skirt suit. Select a suit with a skirt that is not too long and fits well. The safest colors to choose are black, navy or grey.
Make sure that your blouse matches your suit.
Shoes that are conservative and clean should be worn. You may not want to wear the stilettos that you wore at the weekend club.
Jewellery is acceptable, but it should be worn in a subtle way. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry, especially if you have a lot of earrings and bracelets.
Light makeup and perfume! If you are not applying for a position that requires a pole or a slender person, then conservative cosmetics will be the best choice. Be sure to keep your nails neat and clean. You don’t need to have a manicure, but you should avoid going in with rough or broken nails.
Bring a portfolio with your resume and references, as well as any other documents you might be asked to show.

For men:

The best choice is a solid color suit. Black or navy are both good choices.
The best option is a long-sleeved white shirt or one that matches your suit.
Novelty ties should be avoided. You can save the ties that feature your favorite football team, or holiday theme until after you are hired.
Dark socks and clean leather shoes. Keep the high-tops on the basketball court.
Keep your hair clean and neat. If you are using your wife’s perfume, be sure that it is actually hairspray.
Remember that some people may be allergic to certain fragrances. You don’t need your interviewer to sneeze through the whole thing.

What NOT to Do:

Remember middle school: No gum!
If your phone rings, you can kiss your job prospects goodbye. It’s best to leave your electronics at home.
If you want to get the job, then you will have to comply with the rules for the interview. You may be able to make some changes in your appearance once you have landed the position and learned more about your employer’s expectations.

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