Ultrasonic hair restoration

ultrasonichair_mainWinter brings not only beautiful landscapes covered in snow, but also dry, porous, untamed hair, which ruins the entire picture and prevents it from fluttering beautifully with the wind. What can you do if winter hair care home remedies are ineffective?

Ultrasonic Hair RestorationUltrasonic keratin treatments are the answer. What is the difference between hot lamination and keratinization? Thermal keratin lamination is not hair. The silicones in the lamination are heavy and only seal the cuticle temporarily, usually for two months. The silicones leave the hair and the scales on the cuticular layers two months later. You will notice that the curls are in a much worse condition than they were before lamination. Alternatives to hot lamination include procedures that use a cocktail of hyaluronic acids, peptides ceramides minerals. The hydrating mixture is injected with a special device without damaging the cuticle. The procedure is long-lasting, making it more appealing.

Ultrasonic Hair Restoration

The treatment uses an ultrasonic device, similar to hairdressing tongs. It is capable of introducing therapeutic compounds to the deepest layers in the hair and not only seal the visible upper layer. The device consists of two plates. One emits infrared, and the other ultrasound. The first plate acts as a chopper, transforming the therapeutic compositions in products so that they can soak curls quicker. The second plate is an infrared one that helps solder the good stuff inside the hair without heat. This procedure is made up of several easy steps:

Ultrasonic Hair Restoration

  • Hair is deep cleaned using a special shampoo.
  • The strands are treated with a cocktail of hyaluronic acids, peptides and minerals, as well as oils, proteins, and oils. The components are selected individually based on your curls’ condition.
  • The hair is processed using an ultrasonic comb;
  • Final stage: styling and drying.

Ultrasonic Hair Restoration

When using the ultrasonic method of hair restoration, the composition absorbs almost 100% by the hair. Your hair will recover faster, and gain volume, smoothness and shine.

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