How to achieve Ashy hair color

ashyhair_mainThe Fashiongton Post will today tell you how to achieve the trendy hair color with the help of leading colorists.

You should first determine your skin color before you choose an ashy blonde shade. Ash hair colors look best on pale skin. If you have a warmer skin tone, it is unlikely that you will achieve an ashy shade. A colorist will find it difficult to remove all yellow pigments from light brown hair or blond.

You should use nourishing balms or masks to prepare your hair for any dyeing.

How do you become an Ash Blonde

The colorist will first prepare the hair by laminating it, if you have dark hair. The procedure will allow you to get the shade that you want and prevent the hair being damaged. Then, the hair is toned. The chosen shade is then applied to the hair strands, and left for 20 minutes. The colorist then washes the paint off and continues to style.

Ashy Hair ColorCold Ash

Ash blonde is the color of choice for this season. It will also look aristocratic and harmonious on women with pale complexion. Ash blonde is the most popular palette today, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can discuss with your colorist the many shades available, including silver, gray, and platinum.

Ashy Hair ColorLight Brown Ash

The light brown ash is just as beautiful. Its appearance on hair is superior to highlighting. You should not expect to see a cold, ashy color on hair that is light brown. The yellow pigment will still be dominant in the ash. This will make you appear warmer and give your hair a more elegant and superior look.

Ashy Hair ColorDark Ash

It is important to make such a change in hair color as quickly and as decisively as you can. A new color that contrasts with your current color will give the impression of being more aggressive and arrogant.

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