The Global Air Collective is a dynamic group of musicians who do more than influence. They represent

the spirit of Air Max, tapping into creative energy that connects us all—like air.


This roster of creatives includes change makers, reality shapers, and table shakers who challenge the

status quo while connecting with people through their art. As we move into the next era of Air, these

artists will be the cultural authenticators and tastemakers for JD Sports and Nike Air Max.



Meet the Members:


Metro Boomin 

Leading our lineup is St. Louis–born producer extraordinaire Metro Boomin. The award-winning artist

began making beats in high school and rose to fame primarily through collaborations with leading rappers

in the industry. Known to many as the architect of Atlanta rap, Metro produces music that’s often

characterized by mixing heavy bass and gothic melodies, leaning into building layers commonly heard in

symphonies. He recently branched out to film with a highly anticipated soundtrack and is known as

someone gifted with making connections between other artists.

Audrey Nuna

Audrey Nuna is an R&B singer and rapper best known for her eclectic style and sound. Born and raised in

New Jersey, the former Clive Davis Music Institute student took a break to focus on building her musical

identity—and it’s definitely paid off. Easily able to find inspiration everywhere, Audrey references skate

culture, futuristic motifs, and Asian elders when discussing her aesthetic. Her creative mantra is that her

only responsibility is to be 100% true to what she wants to do—and to do it with a level of excellence.

Flyana Boss

Flyana Boss—made up of best friends Bobbi LaNea from Detroit and Folayan from Dallas—has been on

the run since last summer, capturing the attention of the internet, the music industry, and brands alike.

The two first bonded at a Los Angeles music college and, after making music separately for several

years, decided to start releasing music together. Folayan and Bobbi’s goals were simple: to make music

that makes them laugh, and to represent friendship, community, and other “weird Black girls” like them.

Flyana Boss’ eccentric flair brings an element of fun to the rap game that the people have been missing.


Iamsu! is a rapper, record producer, sneakerhead, sports fan, and philanthropist that reps the Bay. After

getting his start at Youth Radio Media in Downtown Oakland, he would go on to lead hip hop group HBK

Gang. The highly acclaimed ensemble defined Bay Area rap at the height of the social media boom. After

his first solo mixtape in 2010, he would eventually come to release 35 projects with much success due to

his sonic talent and communications know-how developed at Cal State East Bay.


From mortuary science student to viral rap sensation, Monaleo’s rise to stardom has been one to watch

for sure. Famous for her soft pink aesthetic and hardcore lyrics, the H-Town artist didn’t set out to make

what most would call “aggressive” rap music, but the subject matter calls for powerful anthems meant to

inspire women, especially Black women, to advocate for themselves in ways that others rarely would.

She’s always been open about mental health and wellness, but with the recent birth of her son, her

passion for advocacy has only grown.


Westside Boogie

Westside Boogie is a rapper revered for his ability to process real life experiences and complex emotions

through his music—ultimately helping his fans do the same. The Compton MC made a name for himself

in the underground scene for most of the late 2010s before releasing his debut full-length project in 2019.

His sophomore album in 2022, More Black Superheroes is critically acclaimed for its honesty,

vulnerability, and therapeutic nature as Boogie navigates relationships with others and himself.

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