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Fragrance notes explained: Top notes, heartnotes, basenotes. Fragrance notes explained

fragrances_main-1The aroma industry has also adopted a musical terminology. perfume is composed of three distinct stages, each with its own dominant component and several additional ones. The stability of each fragrance is determined by the three different groups of substances based on the amount of evaporation.

fragrance pyramidTop notes

Also called opening notes or top notes. When you apply fragrance to your skin, this is the first thing your nose detects. The scent lasts for up to 10 mins before it disappears.

Do not buy the bottle right away. Let the other ingredients reveal themselves. After 15 minutes, you may notice an overpowering sweetness, or on the other hand, an unpleasant bitterness. Fashiongton Post suggests applying a small amount of perfume on the Blotter, and then taking a deep breath from a distance. Try to notice the difference in this blotter after a quarter notes perfume

Top notes in popular fragrances include citrus (lemon zest, orange, bergamot), herbs (clary-sage and lavender), and light fruits.


The middle notes or heart notes are at the core of the composition and pyramid. The fragrance can last up to four hours. In general, only one essence is used as a base — the main one. The rest are added to it. The right blend is crucial to ensure that the main scent does not get overshadowed by other notes. Heart notes are usually soft and flowing.

The essence of a perfume is to enhance the person’s image, and to make them appear in a positive light. Women and men can choose scents based on their temperament. Fashiongton Post recommends that you also consider the season and type of event for which you plan to use your perfume. For everyday wear, you should choose a perfume with a subtle heart note. For an evening at a restaurant, you can choose bright and rich compositions.heart notes perfume

Some of the most popular fragrance heart notes are geranium (ylang-ylang), rose, lemongrass (coriander), nutmeg lavender and jasmine.

Base notes

Base notes are the last fragrance notes to appear after the top notes have completely evaporated. Base notes are typically made with the most pervasive essences, which can leave fleur on clothing and hair for as long as a whole day. These notes are made up of wood, leather and resin. The scent is heavier and more tart because the concentration is lower.base notes perfume

Amber, patchouli and cedar wood are popular fragrance base notes.

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