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Antonella Graef: Argentinian Stories

antonellagraef_mainI was born in Misiones in the province of northern Argentina. Although I can’t remember ever thinking about becoming a model when I was young, people used to ask me lots of questions, especially since I was already 1,81 metres high at 14.Antonella Graef model

I was scouted by a festival in a region near my home, which is a long way from the capital where all the action happens. I went to Buenos Aires at some point to experience what it was like to be a professional model. I admit that I had many preconceived notions and continued to have them throughout my career. When people asked, “What do I do?”, I felt embarrassed to reply, “I’m a model”. I believe it was because of the comments that I heard from others or the concerns expressed by my family about the job.antonella graef model

It all started very quickly. I went back and forth from Buenos Aires, to my hometown until I got a job in Paris. Then they told me, “You’re booked for the Givenchy Show”. At that time, I had no idea what Givenchy was… but was thrilled to be going to PARIS.antonella graef model

Then, everything really began. The agencies wanted me to sign contracts. They flew to New York and then home. After that, they took me to Rome. That was my first solo trip! Before, I used to travel with someone. I was feeling very independent, and grew up.. but then I ended up in hospital! The incident happened when I finished a photoshoot with Bergdorf Goodman. We had a large seafood meal and I did not know that I was allergic. I told the hospital that I wasn’t feeling well, but they were unable to understand me. I then woke up on a hospital bed.antonella graef model

Airports are full of models, once you work in this industry it is easy to identify them. They tend to be very young, tall and skinny girls traveling alone with overweight luggage. Once you’re in the industry, it is easy to recognize models. They are usually young, skinny, and tall girls who travel alone with heavy luggage. Fashion Week starts in New York. Then London, Milan, Paris… Apartments for models are also fully booked. If you want to avoid waiting in line for a shower, it’s best to wake up early.antonella graef model diary

It allowed me to travel to many places that I would have never imagined I could visit, such as beautiful beaches in Mexico and caves in Cappadocia. I also visited lovely gardens in France and other countries. I also got to meet people all over the globe, and some of them have become my closest friends.

My perspective on this job changed, and I believe that I became more confident and worked better. I began to watch other models and their poses, as well as how they walked down the runway. I would recommend watching Coco Rocha and Gisele’s catwalking.antonella graef model

It’s amazing how many different stories there are and how much effort is put in behind the scenes. It’s the same with shows that can only last a few seconds, but people work for months to get everything ready. It’s exciting and makes you nervous. I experienced this once.antonella graef model

After a few full-time years as a Model I decided to return to my home country and settle in Buenos Aires, to fulfill other passions. I began university and am now about to receive my Psychology degree. In the interim, I did a few baking courses and launched a small entrepreneurship named ‘Manteca y Miel,’ which is Butter and Honey in Spanish.

I still model in Argentina, and travel to other countries when jobs arise. Although I do not know how long I will be working in the fashion industry I am happy with what I have achieved so far!antonella graef model

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